The Oxytree is extremely effective in improving air quality and protecting the environment!

The Oxytree is a climate control plant with unique properties. Plants which are very effective in improving air quality and protecting the environment are classified as climate control plants.

Thousands of hectares of forests disappear across Europe due to illegal deforestation. Deforestation is responsible not only for the destruction of the flora and fauna of those forests, but also for the rapid deterioration of air quality as well. Thanks to its rapid growth, the Oxytree is the ideal solution to problems caused by the shortage of trees.

Important note:

The Oxytree (Paulownia Clon in Vitro 112) is a cloned hybrid tree, registered in 2011 with the Community Plant Variety Office, the competent authority of the European Union for such matters. The plant has an internationally recognised EU passport, quality certificate and trading license. The Department of Agroforestry Technology and Science and Genetics at the University of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain has certified that the Oxytree is the best Paulownia clone.

OXYTREE plantation now in Romania, too!

It grows extremely rapidly. It reaches a height of 16 m and a trunk diameter of 35 cm in its 6th year of growth.

The OXYTREE easily adapts to various weather conditions and soil conditions.

The Oxytree easily adapts to various weather conditions (from −25 °C to +45 °C) and soil conditions (it needs 800 mm rainfall a year).

70% of the OXYTREE is its trunk, while the remaining 30% is its branches, leaves, flowers and fruits.

It needs large amounts of carbon dioxide to grow fast, so it can produce huge amounts of oxygen during its growth!

It is easy to work with in woodworking industries: it can be painted, lacquered and glued easily.

It re-grows after being cut down, and it produces four times more wood in 20 years than any other native tree species. Its wood is a high-quality industrial raw material.

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