It is easy to process, it can be painted, lacquered and glued. It is flexible and highly resistant to water!

Excellent properties of the wood

The high-quality wood of the Oxytree can be used in several industries (e.g. building industry, furniture industry). As it grows extremely rapidly, it can be extracted in a short time, which facilitates its industrial utilisation. It re-grows several times after being cut down!

Excellent properties of the wood

It can be used after it reaches the age of three!

The trunk diameter of a one- to two-year-old tree already makes it suitable for pillar production. It can be used for industrial purposes even from the age of three, but it only reaches its full trunk diameter at the age of six when it brings the most yield.

The Oxytree can be extracted as often as every four years!

Ideally, the tree should first be harvested in the 6th year from planting. At the beginning of the second growth period, the tree has a fully developed root system, so from then on it grows much faster and can be extracted as often as every four years.

Properties of the Oxytree wood:

  • It is easy to work with and perfect for panelling,
  • In comparison to other types of wood, it is lighter (its density is 300-400 kg/m3 when it is air-dried),
  • It is flammable only at high temperatures (420-430°C),
  • Its heating value is 4,669.5 kcal/kg (19,520 kJ/kg) at a humidity of 0.0%,
  • It insulates well and dries fast (24 to 28 hours in driers and 30 to 60 days in the open air),
  • The wood is flexible, but it does not deform,
  • It can be painted, lacquered and glued,
  • It is highly resistant to water,
  • It is a good insulating material,
  • Its wood is homogeneous, without any knots and resin,
  • It is very resistant to insects.

The Oxytree in woodworking industries:

  • It is the perfect wood to be used at joiner’s workshops or construction sites,
  • It is the ideal fibre for producing panels,
  • As it is a fine-grained wood, it is perfect for producing furniture,
  • It is very easy to work with, which makes it suitable for panelling,
  • As it is a good insulating material, it is suitable for building saunas and wooden houses,
  • As a plywood, it is perfect for insulation both internally and externally,
  • Due to its light weight and water-resistance, it is suitable for producing ships, yachts, surfboards, as well as furniture to be used in air planes,
  • It can be used for producing fibre, pulp, paper and laminated wood panels.

Composition of the leaves (energy value: 15-18 Mj/kg):

Protein 22.8%
Fibre 13.6%
Fat 7.5%
Phosphorus 0.7%
Potassium 0.8%
Total digestible nutrients 67%
Iron 0.6%
Zinc 0.8%
Magnesium 0.8%
Calcium 2.2%

Trunk properties of the Oxytree

  • Density (for green wood): 700-800 kg/m3
  • Density (for dry wood): 300-310 kg/m3
  • Colour: yellowish white
  • Hardness: 4 kN
  • Flexibility: 3 GPa
  • Tensile strength: 42 MPa
  • Compression resistance: 20 MPa

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