We completed the first part our video series that shows the most important properties of the Oxytree seedlings. We present to you the reason this tree is so special!

The Oxytree (Paulownia Clon in Vitro 112) is a special type of Paulownia tomentosa that belongings to the Paulownia family, it comes from the crossing of Paulownia elongata and Paulownia fortunei genus. It is proven to be the best kind of Paulownia wood, which has all the necessary EU certifications.

This climate control plant is extremely useful for the improvement of air quality and preserving the environment. Due to its extremely rapid growth it can reach 16 metres high after its 6th year of growth. Despite its intensive growth it does not exhaust the soil of nutrients or water. The leaves of this fast-growing tree can reach 45cm’s in diameter, so it can produce twice as much oxygen as other native trees. Despite its special properties it is durable. It can withstand extreme weather conditions and remains in almost any soil.


Discover a new form of environmental protection! Get to know the Oxytree!