Terms of Purchase and Delivery

Ordering, prices and delivery

Oxytree seedlings and other products are available to order throughout the whole year, however, the Oxytree seedlings can be received or delivered only in the planting season. Oxytree seedlings ordered and paid out before or after the planting season, can be received or delivered from the beginning of the next planting season. Our other products can be taken over throughout the whole year, according to the available supplies.

In case of orders placed via our web page, we immediately inform you in e-mail about the receipt of your order. You are sent a proforma (preliminary invoice) of your order in e-mail and after receiving your payment, we issue the final invoice. We inform you about the expected date and options of delivery or receipt in e-mail.

The prices shown on our web page always refer to the current order. Get more information about our volume discounts and special seasonal offers on the order page.

Details about the purchase process, terms of payment and delivery can be found in the Terms and Conditions.