Nearly 100 managers and businessmen gathered in Poland to meet our Founders, Ms. Ria Kamras and Mr. Peter Gaspar. The stated purpose of the meeting was to join forces and repair all the damage heavy industry and mining caused to Poland.

With sincere enthusiasm, these forward-thinking businessmen accepted our Oxytree seedlings as a gift. Then, together they planted the first ten Oxytrees in the courtyard of a local factory. They also stated that our program, the Oxyprogram, may very well be the initiative which is the way out for the country that has been suffering under the burden of heavy industry.

The small statue in the photo is a gift to Peter and Ria from the Marshal of the Silesian Voivodeship who wanted to express his gratitude towards them with this small gift for presenting a solution to the gnawing problem that has been bothering their country for so long.

Since the meeting, the first 400 Oxytree seedlings have arrived in Poland. Negotiations are ongoing regarding installing larger plantations.

lengyelo tárt karokkal Ria - tree