How the Oxyprogram works

The goal of the Oxyprogram is to install Oxytree plantations that create value globally.

Our clients, by entering into a Product Sales and Related Services Contract, become the owners of the timber extracted from the plantation.

In the Oxyprogram, we guarantee planting, care and extraction of the Oxytrees. Our clients are entitled to take over the timber, however, if needed, our company ensures the buy-back option at guaranteed prices.

Whom we offer our Oxyprogram to?

  • Those, who consider reliable ROI important, since the market price of timber steadily increases.
  • Those, who have no garden or land where they could plant trees themselves.
  • Those, who are on a very tight schedule, and are too busy to make the time to care for a tree plantation on a regular basis.
  • Those, parents who want to create a clean environment and long-term financial security for their children at the same time.
  • Those, who want to make sure they will have a secure and comfortable period in their life after they retire.
  • Those, who would like to protect our native forests from industrial logging.

Oxyprogram plantations

Both the number of Oxytree plantations established under the Oxyprogram and the size of green areas with Oxytrees continue to grow month after month. Watch the videos which present our plantations and get to know the dedicated staff on our team who create and care for our plantations.

Visiting our Oxytree plantation in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary in 2015
In this video, Mr. András Pillmayer, our Oxyprogram gardener tells about the results achieved in our plantation in Szigetszentmiklós, Hungary. We planted 540 Oxytrees in July 2014, and the video was made almost one year later by which time some trees had already surpassed a height of 4 m. In this video, we will also show you why the trees started to grow so fast. For more information, visit
Visiting Oxytree plantation (Csemő, Hungary) in September
Within the framework of the Oxyprogram, our staff regularly visit our Oxytree plantations. During their September visit to the Csemő plantation, we asked our wood industry engineer, Mr. Norbert Bittera about the saplings there. In the video, you can see the significant difference in development caused by a few weeks' difference in planting date. To switch on English subtitles, please click on the Subtitle/CC button.
Planting Oxytrees – Ócsa, Hungary, 2015
In the summer of 2015, a 17-hectare plantation was installed next to Ócsa. This time, both the heavens and Oxyprogram participants helped us install the plantation. To show you the technical details of the installation, we created a short video which contains information you cannot find anywhere else. To switch on English subtitles, please click on the Subtitle/CC button.
Planting Oxytrees in Újvárfalva, Hungary in 2015
We established a wonderful Oxytree plantation in Hungary (more specifically in Újvárfalva) thanks to Oxyprogram in the summer of 2015. We planted more than 5000 oxytree saplings in a 10-hectare field. In this video, you can follow the main steps of the formation of the plantation, moreover, you can get to know the two secrets of how the Oxytree grows perfectly!
Oxytree progress report - Summer 2015
We are proud to report that year 2015 is the first milestone in a series of successful events in the history of the Oxytree and the Oxyprogram. Thanks to staff members and experts on the Oxytree team, we are progressing as planned to reach this year’s target, which is to plant 215,000 trees. Watch this video and get first-hand information about the results from Oxytree Planting Project Manager Czenthe Sarolta in June 2015.