Why the Oxytree?

  • Based on lab test results, the Oxytree has the best features of all Paulownia tree species
  • The Oxytree can only be propagated in a laboratory so it has proven to be non-invasive
  • It is the only Paulownia species which has ALL POSSIBLE EU certification (and we proudly display them all)
  • It is a plant variety officially registered in the EU
  • Our experts are reliable and experienced
  • Upon request, we buy the timber back from you at a fixed price!

The growth rate and properties of the Oxytree

The Oxytree is a fast-growing deciduous tree with unique features. Despite its outstanding features, this plant is very durable and not too demanding. Over-propagation is not a threat. Its high-quality timber is sought-after as a raw material for many industries. Also, as firewood it has high calorific value. Moreover, this tree will re-grow several times after it is cut down.

Near this text, you will find a short video. Watch it to find out more about the extraordinary properties of the Oxytree.

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Thanks to our team of experienced experts, it is guaranteed that we provide high-quality and reliable services.


No two customers are the same so we provide completely personalised services.


Time is money! We guarantee to keep deadlines so cooperation with us is safe and predictable!


No customer leaves without receiving complete information on how to care for their plants. Also, we are always happy to assist you after purchase!

Oxyprogram plantations

Watch the short videos presenting our Oxytree plantations in the framework of the Oxyprogram. Through the videos, you can get to know the dedicated members of our professional team who design, install and take care of plantations.

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